U. S. Army Corps of Engineers
                              Jacksonville District
                           Four Rivers Basin - SWFWMD
Date Ending 2400 hours   21 AUG 2019
Note: Headwater, tailwater, and stage values below are instantaneous values
      unless otherwise specified.
 Station               Pool         Headwater      Tailwater        Precip
                     (ft-NGVD)      (ft-NGVD)      (ft-NGVD)       (inches)
 @Trilby               -NR-                                           -NR-
 @Croom                -NR-
 @Hwy 48               -NR-
 Lk Panasoffkee        -NR-                                           -NR-
 @Holder               -NR-                                           -NR-
Tsala Apopka Area
 Leslie Heifner                       -NR-          -NR-              -NR-
 Floral City           -NR-                                           -NR-
 Inverness             -NR-                                           -NR-
 Hernando              -NR-                                           -NR-
 S-353                                -NR-                            -NR-
Cypress Creek
 @Worthington Garden   -NR-
Hillsborough River and Tampa Bypass Canal
 @Sulphur Springs      -NR-                                           -NR-
 @Fowler               -NR-
 Baker Cr              -NR-                                           -NR-
 Flint Cr                             -NR-          -NR-              -NR-
 S-155                                -NR-          -NR-
 S-163                                -NR-          -NR-              -NR-
 S-159                                -NR-          -NR-
 S-161                                -NR-          -NR-              -NR-
 S-162                                -NR-          -NR-              -NR-
 S-160                                -NR-          -NR-
Lake Tarpon
 Crescent              -NR-                                           -NR-
 Island Ford           -NR-                                           -NR-
 Brooker Cr            -NR-
 Tarpon                -NR- (Optimum: 2.2 - 3.2)                      -NR-
 Tarpon Sink Hole      -NR-
 S-551                                -NR-          -NR-              -NR-
 Lake Apopka           -NR-
   Apopka Lock & Dam                  -NR-          -NR-              -NR-
 Lake Dora             -NR-
 Lake Harris           -NR-
 Lake Eustis           -NR-
   Burrell Lock & Dam                 -NR-          -NR-              -NR-
 Lake Griffin          -NR-
   Moss Bluff Lock & Dam              -NR-          -NR-              -NR-
Daily Precipitation Averages      1-Day        3-Day        7-Day
                                 (inches)     (inches)     (inches)
  Withlacoochee Area                 -NR-         -NR-         -NR-
  Tsala Apopka Area                  -NR-         -NR-         -NR-
  Hillsborough Area                  -NR-         -NR-         -NR-
  Lake Tarpon Area                   -NR-         -NR-         -NR-
  Ocklawaha Area                     -NR-         -NR-         -NR-
Four River Basins Regulation     Elevation  Temp Dev.  Regulation  Departure
                                 (ft-NGVD)  (ft-NGVD)  (ft-NGVD)    (feet)
  Floral City Pool                   -NR-       -NR-       -NR-       -NR-
  Inverness Pool                     -NR-       -NR-       -NR-       -NR-
  Hernando Pool                      -NR-       -NR-       -NR-       -NR-
  Lake Apopka                        -NR-                 66.86       -NR-
  Lake Eustis                        -NR-                 62.67       -NR-
  Lake Griffin                       -NR-                 58.67       -NR-
Report Generated 22 AUG 2019 @ 16:15
** Preliminary Data - Subject to Revision **