South Dade - DATETIME
South Dade
Daily averages for DATETIME
WCA-3A 3-Station Average
WCA3A3 ft

WCA-3A Regulation Zones

Top of Zone B = 3ARB ft
TTFF Target = RTTFF cfs
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Elevations are ft-NGVD.
Flows are average daily CFS.
Data is provisional and subject to revision.
Report generated: CLOCKTIME
S-344: S344Q
S-343s: S343Q
S-12A: S12AQ
S-12B: S12BQ
S-12C: S12CQ
S-12D: S12DQ
S-333: S333Q
S-355A: S355AQ
S-355B: S355BQ
S-356: S356Q
S-334: S334Q
S-335: S335Q
S-335 HW: S335H ft
S-336: S336Q
S-357: S357Q
S-357 HW: S357H ft
S-332B North: S332BNQ
S-332B West: S332BWQ
S-332C: S332CQ
S-332D: S332DQ
S-332s: S332sQ
G-211: G211Q
S-338: S338Q
S-331: S331Q
S-173: S173Q
S-331 HW: S331H ft
S-194: S194Q
S-196: S196Q
S-176: S176Q
S-176 HW: S176H ft
S-200: S200Q
S-177: S177Q
S-199: S199Q
S-18C: S18CQ
S-18C HW: S18CH ft
S-197: S197Q
L-29 Canal: L29C ft
NP-205: NP205 ft
P-38: P38HP ft
E-112: E112H ft
NP-206: NP206 ft
RG-2: RG2HP ft
P-33: P33HP ft
LPC1: LPC1H ft
LPG1: LPG1H ft
LPG2: LPG2H ft
Angel's Well: ANGELS ft
G-596: G596 ft
G-3628: G3628 ft
G-3273: G3273 ft
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers