U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District
                             Kissimmee River Report
Data Ending 2400 hours   17 JAN 2022
Note: Headwater, tailwater, and stage values below are instantaneous values
      unless otherwise specified.
             Headwater Tailwater   Daily    -----Midnight Gate Positions-------
             Elevation Elevation  Discharge  #1    #2    #3    #4    #5    #6
             (FT-NGVD)  (FT-NGVD)   (CFS)   (FT)  (FT)  (FT)  (FT)  (FT)  (FT)
                                 (I) see note
Upper Kissimmee Chain of Lakes
  S58:          -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-  -NR-
  S57:          -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-  -NR-
  S62:          -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     0.00
  S59:          -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     0.00
  S61:          -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-
  S60:          -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-
  S63:          -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-
  S63A:         -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-  -NR-
 Alligator Lake Total Outflows      -NR-   (S58 and S60)
 Cypress Lake Total Inflows         -NR-   (S61 and S63A)
  Cypress:      -NR-
  Hatchineha:   -NR-
Lake Kissimmee and Kissimmee River (C38)
  Lake Kissimmee 3 gage average   -NR- (KSS5B, KSS11, KSSP)
  KSS @ 5B      -NR-
  KSS @ 11      -NR-
  KSS Park      -NR-
  S65:          -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-  -NR-  -NR-  -NR-  -NR-
  S65A:         -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-  -NR-  -NR-
  S65D:         -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-  -NR-  -NR-  -NR-
  S65DX1:       -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-  -NR-  -NR-  -NR-
  S65DX2:       -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-  -NR-
  S65E:         -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-  -NR-  -NR-  -NR-  -NR-  -NR-
  S65EX1:       -NR-      -NR-      -NR-
  S154:         -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-  -NR-
  S-65E + S-65EX1 =  -NR-
  S-65D + S-65DX1 + S-65DX2 =  -NR-
  S-68 + S-68X =  -NR-
  S-83 + S-83X =  -NR-
  S-84 + S-84X =  -NR-
Lake Istokpoga and Canals
  Lake Istokpoga average   -NR-
  S68:          -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-  -NR-  -NR-
  S68X:         -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-
  C41:  S82     -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-  -NR-
        S70     -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-  -NR-
        S71     -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-  -NR-  -NR-
  C40:  S75     -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-
        S72     -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-  -NR-
  C41A: S83     -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-
        S83X    -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-
        S84     -NR-      -NR-      -NR-     -NR-  -NR-
        S84X    -NR-      -NR-      -NR-
Daily Precipitation Totals        1-Day       3-Day       7-Day
                                 (inches)    (inches)    (inches)
  Kissimmee FS:                    -NR-        0.00        0.00
  S61:                             -NR-        0.00        0.00
  S65:                             -NR-        0.00        0.00
  S65A:                            -NR-        0.00        0.00
  S65D:                            -NR-        0.00        0.00
  S65E:                            -NR-        0.00        0.00
  S68:                             -NR-        0.00        0.00
        Basin Average              -NR-        0.00        0.00
Lake Regulation                            Elevation   Regulation  Departure
                                           (FT-NGVD)   (FT-NGVD)     (FEET)
  Hart & Mary Jane                             -NR-       61.00       -NR-
 ~East Tohopekaliga                            -NR-       58.00       -NR-
 *Tohopekaliga                                 -NR-       55.00       -NR-
(*) - S-61 Headwater is used for Lake Tohopekaliga Elevation when the Toho gage
      is below 50.40
  Myrtle, Preston, Joel                        -NR-        -NR-       -NR-
  Trout, Coon, Center, Lizzie & Alligator      -NR-       64.00       -NR-
  Gentry          Lake Gage =  -NR-     S63 =  -NR-        -NR-       -NR-
  Hatchineha, Cypress                          -NR-       52.50       -NR-
  Kissimmee (avg of KSS5B, KSS11, KSS Park)    -NR-       52.09       -NR-
  S-65 headwater (Kissimmee)                   -NR-       52.09       -NR-
  Istokpoga                                    -NR-        -NR-       -NR-
(I) - Flows marked with "I" signify that this is an instantaneous flow
      computed from the single value reported for the day.
      Otherwise, flow is a daily average.
Report Generated 18 JAN 2022 @ 02:39
** Preliminary Data - Subject to Revision **