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SAJ Water Management Graphical Plots

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Data are collected through automated process and interagency data exchange. Data are provisional and subject to change. The PDF graphical plot version is a higher quality product which requires the free Adobe Reader (see note below). PDF graphical plots also allow user to "zoom in".

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St. Johns River Basin

Fort Drum Marsh Conservation Area GIF
Blue Cypress Marsh Conservation Area: S252A-C, S254W GIF
Blue Cypress Water Management Area GIF
St. Johns Water Management Area GIF
Taylor Creek Reservoir GIF
Ocklawaha River Basin Lake Apopka GIF
Lake Eustis GIF
Lake Griffin GIF
Moss Bluff L&D GIF

Kissimmee River Basin

Lake Hart and Mary Jane GIF
East Lake Tohopekaliga GIF
Lake Tohopekaliga GIF
Lake Myrtle, Preston and Joel GIF
Lakes Trout, Coon, Center, Lizzie and Alligator GIF
Lake Gentry GIF
Lakes Hatchineha and Cypress GIF
Lake Kissimmee GIF
Lake Istokpoga GIF
Kissimmee River Pool B Stages GIF
Kissimmee River Pool C Stages GIF


Lake Okeechobee GIF
Lake Okeechobee Sub-bands GIF
Lake Okeechobee Stats (1931-2016) GIF
Lake Okeechobee Stats (May 2008-Dec 2016) GIF
S77 Daily (Moore Haven Lock & Dam) GIF
S77 Realtime (Moore Haven Lock & Dam) GIF
Below S77 Realtime (Below Moore Haven Lock & Dam) GIF
S78 Daily (Ortona Lock & Dam) GIF
S78 Realtime (Ortona Lock & Dam) GIF
S79 Daily (W.P. Franklin Lock & Dam) GIF
S79 Chloride (W.P. Franklin Lock & Dam) GIF
S79 Realtime (W.P. Franklin Lock & Dam) GIF
S80 Daily (St. Lucie Lock & Dam) GIF
S80 Realtime (St. Lucie Lock & Dam) GIF
S308 Daily (Port Mayaca Lock & Dam) GIF
S308 Realtime (Port Mayaca Lock & Dam) GIF
Below S308 Realtime (Below Port Mayaca Lock & Dam) GIF
COE Positional Analysis with no release made at S-77 and S-308:

Water Conservation Areas (WCA)

WCA #1 Stats GIF
WCA #2A Stats GIF
WCA #3A Stats GIF
Site 62 GIF
L67 Pilot Test GIF

Cape Sable Seaside
Sparrow Habitat Areas

Subpopulation A - (NP-205) GIF
Subpopulation B - (P-44) GIF
Subpopulation C - (E-112) GIF
Subpopulation D - (Ever 4) GIF
Subpopulation E - (NP-206) GIF
Subpopulation F - (RG-2) GIF

Portugues and Bucana, Puerto Rico

Cerrillos Dam GIF